Collecting Donation from Nigel R. Khan.

Jan 14, 2018 -?In October this year, once again MWTT was committed to support a pre-school in Central Trinidad with much needed school supplies for its students. We became aware of this school whilst looking for a venue for our photo shoot with our Queen Chandini Chanka.

Having visited the school and chatting with the teachers, I was sadden to learn that this school was primarily kept through donations from good Samaritans, and often times the teachers themselves purchased the basic supplies from their personal funds.

Upon learning this, I immediately committed to assist and in chatting with the CEO of Nigel R. Khan Bookseller Ms. Kerri Ann Bishop, on another project, I mentioned to her this school and immediately she confirmed to donate all that we needed.

Through Nigel R. Khan Bookseller we got all 10 story books and all stationery supplies.
We at MWTT wish to sincerely thank the Management and Staff of Nigel R. Khan Bookseller for their unwavering support since our inception in 2014.

The students and teachers were very happy and it was my pleasure bringing a smile to these faces

Miss Vindra of the Pre-school