mwtt assists the caparo family (cerebral palsy)

Jan 14, 2018 -?This year the MWTT Organization together with our queen identified working with the Cerebral Palsy Society of Trinidad and Tobago.

In one of our daily newspapers the plight of a young CP child and his family was identified. Ronaldo is only 19 years of age and has spent his life confined to a bed and in cases to come out into the sunshine in a wheelbarrow as there is no access to a road to their house. Reading this story was heart wrenching and meeting the family especially Mr & Mrs Haynes we knew that there was much love and genuine concern to get a road paved.

Suffice to say, when we highlighted Ronaldo’s plight quite a few people came forward to donate food supplies, hygiene products and a wheelchair.

These were given to Ronaldo and his family who were very appreciative of the assistance. Whilst our Queen was deeply involved in other aspects of her Beauty With a Purpose Project the National Director Mrs. Vanessa Sahatoo-Manoo did not give up hope and with the expertise of Mr. Kelvin Sookraj CEO of Karkel Industries Limited made a site visit to access the land and its needs in relation to paving a road.

After much inspection and learning that the land was not in the name of Mr. Haynes, and with the cost involved, it was a better option to relocate the family to a place in South Trinidad of where there was a nice secure community with proper roads, drainage, water and electrical supply. And in its relocation we would raise the much needed funds and get the manpower to build a nice comfortable house for the family. The family was given time to think, and decided that they preferred to stay close by their relatives and didn’t want to move.

With this is mind, we at MWTT could not venture further, and accepted their decision in good faith. We are still committed to assist Ronaldo with his basic needs and wish the family well. We wish to further thanks the Founder of the CP Society of T&T Mr. Philip Metivere and his Directors especially Mrs. Tricia King for their diligence and compassionate hearts.