Message from the national director 2017

Jan 14, 2018 -?As we welcome a new year filled with hope for a better tomorrow not only for ourselves and our loved ones, but for “our” people…our citizens, the people of the ‘World’, we reflect on the year that just went past…2017.

We, at MWTT are gratified that our commitment to our people…to promote the Miss World brand, to promote the ethos of Miss World, to promote the core of our being, our heart remains steadfast in all its glory.

We have been blessed to perform the tasks at hand so wonderfully well regardless of the constraints we felt as a family. Sponsorship has always been an area of concern and we welcomed this. So much is happening in our country and as usual we look at various alternate avenues to help us see the light as we carry forth with our mission to help those in need in our society.

2017 was fantastic! We ventured onto many varied projects from school supplies, to environmental enhancement. No project was too little nor too big. “We may not be big..but one act of kindness make a big difference in this world”, and that is reason enough to celebrate our existence.

Our varied projects all highlighted to an approximate value worth of $160,000TTD or $23,000USD on our homepage is a clear indication that we walk the talk and we are ever so grateful to the wonderful support from our dear sponsors and well-wishers : The Fitness Center Limited, Kooti’s, Transport Solutions Limited, L’Oreal, The Banquet and Conference Centre of the Cascadia Hotel, V&S Pharmaceuticals, The Rotary Club of San Fernando South, CEO of Tropi-Mulch Mr. Lionel Seucharan, Presentation College, San Fernando, CEO of Karkel Industries Limited Mr. Kelvin Sookraj, SNS Hardware, V. Mack Photography, Zahir Ali, Oneness Entertainment, Xtra Foods, Aranquez Nurseries, Sawh’s Café, Pradeep and Alicia Sawh, our dearest friend and supporter Gregory Lewin, Patricia Newbury, my family and most of all my son.

So much was accomplished and yet still coming to the final couple of months in the year we were contacted to assist. We knew in our hearts that due to the Christmas vacation we would not have been able to complete these 2 projects (the Library project and assisting the family in Central) but we have carried forth these 2 projects into the New Year and hope to conclude these two outstanding 2017 projects by the end of March 2018.

In closing we at MWTT wish to thank all those who donated of their time, resources, shared thoughts and sent well wishes to us and wish all of you a beautiful and blessed New Year 2018.
To Julia Morley, Chairperson of the Miss World Organization and her dedicated staff thank you all for your continued support and love and most of all words of praise and encouragement as we carry forth our be the best for our country!

Blessings and Love Always
Vanessa Sahatoo-Manoo
National Franchise Director MWTT