final charity project for 2017

Jan 14, 2018 -?A month ago young lady came to me with the hope of helping to create a library for the Dayanand Memorial Vedic School, a primary school in South Trinidad. This school has 430 students. A site visit was scheduled and I visited this school and met with the dedicated Principal Ms. Indira Birju-Daniel and PTA President Mr. Kari Singh.

Spaces had already been allocated inside the Digital Room and due to funding they have not been able make this space conducive to the needs of a library.

Without hesitation I knew in my heart we at MWTT had to help and decided that the Library will be our last charity project for 2017. I have enlisted the support of some of the students and teachers of Presentation College San Fernando and friends. Due to the Christmas holidays upon us, we would not have been able to work on this project hence work will commence at the end of January 2018. We aim to have said project completed in one month’s time.

Persons wishing to donate of their expertise and resources namely paint, chairs, shelving, drapery and books are welcome to contact me (868) 736 0981 or via email

We aim to have this space converted to a serene yet child friendly space that the students would be encouraged to visit the library often to study and to have a favorite reading pastime.