contributes to a children's home

ND and Sammie

Jan 14, 2018 -?National Director Mrs. Vanessa Sahatoo-Manoo has been assisting a young girl from a Children’s Home in South Trinidad for the past 3 years with her school supplies, books and uniform.

This little girl who we will call (Sammy) to protect her privacy just turned 11 in November and we celebrated her birthday with her and the other children. They enjoyed a most delicious cake, snacks and presents. This year we continue once again and engaged Santa Claus to bring her a new watch.

Sammy is a lovely little girl who always has a smile on her face and gives such loving hugs when she sees us. She is an avid cricketer in her school and we have enlisted the support of renowned cricketer Samuel Badree her idol to meet with her. Mr. Badree is also very dedicated to children in need and hosts an Annual Christmas Party for underprivileged children, including this home.

We at MWTT feel extremely honored to be given such a beautiful task to promote the Miss World brand through charity. Life is about giving and being thankful and helping each other to realize his/her fullest potential.

We congratulate Mrs. Manoo for her tireless dedication and working assiduously in all her projects both local and overseas.

ND’s son Ethan cuts cake with Sammie