compassionate heart for the wilson family

Jan 14, 2018 -?One thing we at MWTT can say without a shadow of a doubt is our inert compassionate heart to help our people in some way or the other. Through technology our office was contacted via social media by Ms. Rachel Wilson who lives with her husband and children in Central Trinidad.

This woman a pillar of strength I will call her simply asked for us in any way to help her achieve her dream for her family of having an HDC house. On two separate occasions officers from the HDC came and met with her and saw the dire need her family is in to secure a home and in chatting with her the outcome looked very favorable.

It has been over 2 years now since that last visit and the situation is now a health hazard. Rachel has a lovely special 4 year old daughter. Special in the case where she is disabled with an atypical neurodevelopment likely 2 congenital neurogentic disorder etc.
Her family is very concerned about the overall well being and health of this child and I must commend the family for doing all that they could taking her to the doctors regularly for checkups etc.

We at MWTT are trying our very best to meet with The Honourable Minister of Housing and Urban Development to show our support to this sensitive case in the hope that their dream for a comfortable, clean, safe environment and home is realized.

We also will be assisting their family as best as we can, with the much needed nutritional supplies: Nestum, Powdered Milk, Hallibourage tonic, oats, cream of wheat and corn meal, all favorites of this child.

The older daughter is now in Form 5 writing the upcoming CSEC Exam and does not have a computer. It is our planned intention to also assist her with her wish of owing a computer so she can readily get access to her school work at home.

Anyone wishing to support, please don’t hesitate to contact us @ (868) 736 0981.
This is an on-going 2017 project that we would like to bear results in the coming month.
Life is a beauty…and we have a duty to be the best we can be….to be the ideal citizen each and every day.