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The Miss World Trinidad and Tobago Organisation
The Miss World Organisation remains the oldest International Beauty Pageant in history. The competition has evolved over its sixty four (64) year span of success from a bikini contest to repositioning itself with the Beauty with a Purpose theme in the 1980’s to present.

The pageant itself has progressed with the show casing of World Cultures, Global Talents in design as well as the dexterities of the delegates in various spheres; sports, top model and charity work. The Miss World Organisation’s determination to move away from simply pageantry and focus more on global issues and causes is evident in the decision to remove the swimsuit aspect of the competition.

Many Miss World winners have gone on to become successful entrepreneurs, professionals, leaders, politicians and spokespersons on global issues. In this regard, Miss World Trinidad and Tobago takes its role very seriously. Our aim is not to produce a participant for the International Pageant but to ensure that the Trinidad and Tobago delegate is equipped with the skills to make her an Ambassador for Trinidad and Tobago and an eventual winner.

The Miss World Trinidad and Tobago Organisation remains committed to ensuring that our delegate is disciplined, determined and diligent in the execution of her duties and responsibilities. Miss World Trinidad and Tobago must have training in public speaking, etiquette, protocol, modeling and a healthy lifestyle which includes diet and exercise.

Trinidad and Tobago’s delegate must be prepared to market her country from a cultural perspective via her talent at the competition and her national gift which is auctioned for charity. She must also be a tourism spokesperson for her country via her ability to communicate with the foreign media, other delegates and international stakeholders of the Miss World Organisation.
Miss World Trinidad and Tobago must be punctual and committed to her appearances, events, training sessions and meetings which will coincide and prepare her for the hectic schedule at the actual competition. The Miss World Trinidad and Tobago Organisation must also meet the standards and expectations set by the Miss World Organisation which includes its rules, regulations and penalties.

Finally, the Miss World Trinidad and Tobago is committed to its duties and responsibilities to the International Organisation led by Miss Julia Morley, its responsibilities to the people of Trinidad and Tobago and more in presenting the most prepared and winning candidate at the Miss World Pageant.


President / Franchise Director - Vanessa Sahatoo-Manoo
Chief Financial Officer - Alicia Sawh
Pageant Consultant/International Relations - Indira Sawh
International Pageant Liaisor - Patricia Newbury